Puthur shri thirpuraikal temple

Puthur shri thirpuraikal temple is one of the ancient and powerful temples of shakthi in the whole of Malabar. Bhadrakali is the main deity worshipped here. Along with her, the sanctum sanctorum also has the divine presence of Lord Vishnu,Durga and Lord Ganesha. This 100 year old temple which is located 2 km. away from the town of Palakkad is of much historical importance.

The enthusiasm of the people of this small place called Puthur resulted in the present day shrine built some 75 yrs. back around the old banyan tree where the godess was believed to be residing earlier

It is believed that the devi fulfills all the wishes of her true devotees. A heartfelt prayer never goes unanswered here.mMany true life stories of her divine blessings from times of yore are a proof to it.With every passing year the story of her benevolence crossed the boundries of the of the dist. of palakkad further and further and today people from far and near throng the shrine for a glimpse of her divinity.

The main festival of this temple called the Puthur Vela commences in mid March and the curtain falls on the month long celebrations in mid April. The main ritual that takes place during this festival is the 'Thol pavakutha'.it is a form of puppet show wherein the story of Ramayana is depicted .The belief goes that devi enjoys the divine story of Lord Rama every year through this form of recital.Very few temples of kerala still retain this art form. Apart from this all other temple art forms of kerala feature during the celebrations. The highlight of this month long festivity is the Music and Dance festival that has grown into one of the prestigious cultural events of the state.

Puthur shri thirpuraikal Bhagavathi Temple
Puthur, Palakkad.678001
Kerala, India

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