According to William Logan, author of the Malabar Manual, the Pallava dynasty of Kanchi invaded Malabar in the 2nd or 3rd century, and it is speculated that present-day Palakkad may have been one of their capitals. Many native dynasties of South India have invaded Malabar. For a long time, it was under the rule of the Malabar Perumaks. At that time, each region was under the authority of powerful region leaders. After the rule of the Perumaks, the Malabar region came under the control of Valluvakonathiri of Valluvanad, King of Kollakode of Vengunadu and King Sekharivarma of Palakkad.

When the Samuthiri king of Kozhikode invaded Palakkad in 1757, the king of Palakkad sought the help of Hyder Ali of Mysore, and the Samuthiri had to withdraw from Malabar as Hyder Ali's help was available.

Hyder Ali later conquered all the territories of Palakkad, including Palakkad, which were in possession of the Samuthiri. As a result, he lost all the territories held by the King of Palakkad and came under the control of Hyder Ali and his son Tipu Sultan.

After the Third Mysore War between Tipu and the English East India Company, the Treaty of Srirangapatna in 1872 ceded the entire Malabar area under Tipu's control to the British and annexed the Malabar region under the Madras Presidency.

Following the independence of India in 1947 and the formation of United Kerala in 1956, the Malabar region, which was under the Madras Presidency, was linguistically annexed to Kerala. Palakkad district was formed on January 1, 1957 by amalgamating Palakkad, Perinthalmanna, Ponnani, Ottappalam, Alathur and Chittoor. Later, on June 16, 1969, when Malappuram district was formed, Trithala Farka in Ponnani taluk was annexed to Palakkad.

With the exception of the Chethalloor section, the area was added to the Malappuram district. Mannarkkad formed a new taluk in the Palakkad district by amalgamating 19 villages belonging to Karkidakamkunnu and Chethalloor sections.

Vadakkekkad, Punnayoor and Punnayoorkulam villages in Trithala Farka were added to Chavakkad taluk in Thrissur district, and Paruthur village in Tirur taluk was added to Ottapalam taluk. In 2013, Ottapalam taluk was divided into one taluk with Pattambi as its headquarters.