Nestling in small beautiful landscape about 3 kms west of Palakkad town limit, the Agraharam boasts with the collection of Vaishnavates 'Jaiminiya Samavedi Thalavakara Guru' sakha Tamil Brahmins in around100 uniform row houses, arranged properly on both sides of the streets facing north and south directions. The Agraharam may not attract devotees from far and wide to its precincts daily, yet it has its own unique features which could not be seen any where else. The Agraharam derives its hoary past on Srirangam. The presiding deity is Bhoodevi Sridevi Sametha Sri Adhikesavaperumal and is closely linked with Sri Ranganathaswamy of Srirangam Temple.

The ancestors of the Kodunthirapully Agraharam believed to be had migrated from a village Anbil situated nearby Srirangam in Trichy district and settled down here about in 750 years back. The Chaitanyam of Lord Sri Mahavishnu in Sri Ranganathaswamy temple, Srirangam has been brought by them by Avahana as per Agamasasthra and performed Prathishta of the Lord Maha Vishnu as Lord Sri Adhikesavaperumal with his consorts Goddess Bhoodevi and Sridevi. And the Agraharam then named as Adhikesavapuram. Later in course the village got extended towards its western side

On the western side, there is another temple dedicated to Sri Hari Hara Puthra Swami with Poorna and Pushkala. It is believed that, Lord Sri Dharmasastha as Aswaruda has come over to this place to satisfy pious pleadings and desire of very aged old Brahmin devotee adorned on his 'Koda' i.e. an umbrella, from 'Nerumkaitha Kotta' nearby 'Kadalundinagaram' Malappuram District. A temple was built named as Lord Ayyappa Temple at the place wherein the aged devotee kept his umbrella i.e. Koda placed just near the village tank and performed the prathishta of the Lord on the month of April, 1734 A.D. And that, the Agraharam derived its name 'Kodayil Aenthi Arulia Palli', later in due course changed as Kodunthirapully to the whole village and its surroundings, which was formerly named as Adhikesavapuram. Unlike other temples, here the Lord Dharmasastha is in the swaroop of Lord Sri Kothanda Rama. The temple upadevatha Lord Sri Anjaneeyar with Sun God on right hand proves the existence of the presence of the chaitanyam of Sri Rama. The Prayers in benediction to Lord also proves the existence of the chaitanyam of Lord Rama.

On the extreme West end boundary, there exits still one more temple dedicated to the serpents called "Nagathar Kovil" for the benevolence of heredity nature. It is believed that a pious Brahmin took swear of the king serpent not to harm or trouble any occupants of the village. Till date there is no evidence of snake bite in the history of the Agraharam.

The Agraharam retain much of their original character and housed only Brahmins. The governance of the Agraharam is managed by the elected body of the occupants.

The east view street of the Agraharam, wherein the temple of Lord Adhikesavaperumal dwell, the villagers with deep loyalty to their origin and history still continue to name as "Adhikesavapuram"