KarnakiAmman Temple, Moothanthara

KarnakiAmman Temple, Moothanthara

Kerala's one and only Karnaki Temple where goddess Karnaki is worshiped in her full Idolic-Form and divine glory. This temple is situated at palakkad town circle – Moothanthara (New Name - Karnaki Nagar), a dwelling place of Karnaki's own people, "Moothans" believed to be descended from the neighboring state of Tamilnadu in the historic times.

One of the main attractions of this temple is the way in which the traditional pooja rituals are performed in the goddess karnaki's temple and the Visalakshi Sametha Shiva Temple (Siva-Parvathy Temple) worshipped in the same compound. For goddess Karnaki, Kerala form of pooja practices are done by Kerala Brahmins (Namboothiri's) and in Siva Temple Tamil Shaiva form of Pooja practices are carried out by Tamil Brahmin Priests.

Devotees can feel and enjoy this cultural mix while they visit this temple and came out after their prayers. Unlike other Tamil speaking caste groups already present or has descended from neighboring states, moothan's has accepted both cultures alike. Even though there are Tamil traces to their origin, they speak only the language Malayalam. This acceptance has induced a new cultural life style in and around palakkad. This unique cultural blend is one of the rarest found in the state of Kerala. This temple has emerged as one of the spacious and beautiful temples of palakkad where Tamil - Malayalam architecture mix beautifully.

One of the main festival is "Valiya Aarratu" festival which is celebrated by the community in three days and in a great way on the month of Malayalam – Medam Masam Punertham Star. On the day of "Valiya Arrattu", Annadhanam (meals) is given as Prasadam, which is the biggest organized in palakkad every year. Materials for organizing this big function (Annadhanam) is fully sponsored by the devotees of Karnaki, who are merchants falling in all categories of business in palakkad.

NadupaathiMannam Temple(Moothanthara) - Some History Behind

The moolasthanam (the root place) where goddess Karnaki is worshiped is at nadupathimannam at moothanthara(MarketPlace). Once this temple was very well maintained and people from other neighboring deshams (places) also came to worship Karnaki (being only one around at that time). It is observed from the history that the Muslim Ruler Tippu Sultan, son of Hyder Ali ransacked/destroyed this temple during his reign at palakkad. Devotees gathered to save the possessions of temple to avoid idolic destruction. Her full idolic-form is taken by her own sect moothan's and worshipped at KarnakiAmman temple Moothanthara, her other idolic symbols are worshipped at Vadakkanthara Bhagwathy temple,another Kannaki amman temple in the marketplace and Pirayiri kannukottu bagwathy temple.

Vadakkanthara vela is celebrated once in three years and to receive blessings and protection of Goddess Karnaki for this Vela,pirayiri desam(kanukottu bagwathy) devotees visit the Moothanthara KarnakiAmman Temple and offer their prayers. These devotees are greeted by Moothanthara Desam Peoples at temple premises with due respect.

All other karnaki temples at palakkad has its basic connection with Moothanthara KarnakiAmman Temple and this divine spiritual shrine of karnaki thrives as one of the best Temple in Palakkad Region.