Emoor Bhagavathy Temple

Emoor Bhagavathy Temple also known as Hemambika Temple (or) the Kaipathi (i.e. palm of the hand in Malayalam) Ambalam (or) Kallekulangara Bhagavathy Temple - {Kshetram/Ambalam are Malayalam words meaning temple}.

The chief deity here is Goddess Hemambika, but the idol worshipped here is an "upraised hand," behind which there is a legendary tale. The Goddess once agreed to appear before a devotee on the condition he will not disclose it to anyone. But the excited devotee, unable to hold it within himself, told everyone, and when the goddess appeared before him, seeing the small crowd that had gathered there, she vanished immediately, and all that the devotees could see were her upraised hand!

The specialty of the temple is in its unique idol and also the fact that it is surrounded by
water on three sides. The Sanctum Sanctorum (or the Garba Griha) is at the same level as the water in the pond that surrounds the temple, signifying that the deity emerged from there.

Also its believed the deity takes three forms in a day: Saraswathi in the morning, Laxmi in the noon, and as Durga in the evening.

Location: In a small village (read – that was once upon a time a village) in Palakkad district called Akathethara, Kallekulangara, (approx 8 kms from Palakkad town) en route Malampuzha Dam.

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